Product Specs: Starrco Modular Office Systems

When it comes to producing quick, efficient, and cost-effective options for modular office spaces Starrco Office Systems are the leader. 

Starrco Office Systems can help provide you with additional space to house employees if you are experiencing a growing work force, need a temporary work area, or even an emergency situation. 

Each Starrco Office System is quick and easy to construct with a minimal amount of components that make up each office system. 

With 14 pieces, you can easily install a Starrco Office System anywhere you need additional space. Starrco offices consist of floor tracks, comer posts, wall panels, lower and upper window panels, and windows. 

Starrco also uses a steel door frame around the door, wall studs, a ceiling track, header and header stud, and a grid ceiling plus a dust cover.

All parts are made of steel, aluminum, vinyl, and other materials to provide a durable and dependable office system for you and your employees. 

And best of all, you can customize your office space with us to fit your needs. 

So, the next time you are searching for additional office or storage space, need an exterior shelter such as a ticket booth or guard shack, or need a temporary office solution contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to see how Starrco’s Office Solutions can help you!