The Role of Ballistic and Blast Rated Guard Shacks in Military Camps

Ballistic and Blast Rated Guard Shacks: Why They’re Essential for the Military

When you think about putting together a military camp, outpost, or any area where soldiers stay and operate, you always need to consider one thing: security. Since military zones are highly susceptible to attacks, the military needs to cover all parameters to not only protect its area but also to stand its ground, and it all starts with the point of entry.

Ballistic and blast rated guard shacks have been used for military locations for many years, and they’re designed with all the needs of the military in mind: a place where guards can keep post comfortably and stand their ground. Here are some of the benefits of these shacks and why they’re an asset to the military:


  • Security. The military can set up camp anywhere they need to and the first line of defense in protecting a camp is the gate. Setting up a security area using ballistic and blast rated guard shacks is essential because this booth is made mostly with glass that offers a 360-degree view of the premises to make it easier for guards on duty to check on who’s coming in and out of the facility. But this glass is also bullet proof so that it can keep personnel secure inside in the instance of an attack. These shacks offer the same level of security as permanent installations, so you can guarantee that they will withstand heavy fire.
  • Flexibility. The military is always mobile, so they can establish camp in an area for weeks or months and move out quickly to another location bringing everything with them. This is why they need a guard shack that’s secured enough to protect their team and flexible enough to be assembled and disassembled easily. Ballistic and blast rated guard shacks manufacturers design these products so that they’re very easy to install onsite and moved to another location if needed.
  • Quality. When you’re talking about military requirements, you can expect only the highest standards. Ballistic and blast rated guard shacks are designed exactly to meet those standards since they are made with tough ballistic panels, armored steel, Mil-Tough ICB, anodized aluminum and other materials that help guarantee that they will protect the people inside these shacks while also making sure that they last long enough to be carried from one place to another. These ballistic and blast rated guard shacks are even designed to be fireproof and are made with materials that can withstand heavy mortars.


Most importantly, these ballistic and blast rated guard shacks can be customized according to the specific needs of the military for a camp. Some might need a bigger space for equipment, personnel and storage while others need smaller shacks solely for military outposts. Whatever these needs are, ballistic and blast rated guard shacks manufacturers can cater to them and deliver efficiency and quality every time. This is why these guard shacks are huge investments for the military, because they’re essentially the first line of defense at any camp or installation. To learn more about these impressive guard shacks be sure to contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today, where we provide them along with other military solutions by EBTECH!