Safety First: Install Hand Rails and Guard Rails!

When it comes to facilities that have multiple stories or heights then having hand and guard rails are an important safety feature. These rails can assist employees as they move within your facility and provide a vital, life-saving feature for workers as they perform daily activities. 

WireCrafters hand and guard rails, by Steinco Industrial Solutions, are quality rails that no facility should be without. 

WireCrafters offers several rail options including mezzanine railing, industrial handrails, guardrail systems, and even rack, column or door protection. 

For facilities that include mezzanine sections, our railing systems provide strength, dependability, and versatility.

Our innovative handrail offers more protection than other models. Not only is it sturdy, but our mesh component of each section acts as a barrier to prevent items from passing through to the ground below. 

Our WireCrafters Industrial Hand Rails add safety and security to anywhere in your facility where rails are needed.

This square steel railing requires no welding, cutting, or self-tapping just simple hand tools. Finally, our guard and safety rail systems help protect people, machinery, and property from unforeseen accidents at your facility. WireCrafters Guard Rail System is designed and tested to withstand the impact of a 10,000-pound load moving at up to 4 miles per hour. 

Regardless of the size or potential risks at your facility, WireCrafters Systems from Steinco Industrial Solutions can help protect your employees and machinery at all times!