The Seismic Support System

Metal framing and strut products from Unistrut set industry standards for support systems. But did you know Unistrut also offers Seismic Support Systems?

Unistrut metal framing products include several seismic support options, as designed and approved by the State of California, that are meant to provide seismic restraint for nonstructural components inside buildings. 

There are a variety of products if you require seismic support at your facility including hospital piping, electrical conduit, cable trays, and air handling ducts. 

Unistrut has multiple channel options, concrete inserts, pipe and beam clamps, pivot fittings, nuts, and other hardware.

For example, Unistrut offers rigid steel conduit clamps which can assist you when running conduit or pipes throughout your facility. But with seismic support, these conduit clamps are designed to stand up to seismic activity. 

Depending on where your facility is located, seismic activity can strike anytime to affect the building and the systems inside it.

With Unistrut seismic bracing systems, you can add an extra layer of security, as all of the supports are designed for Seismic Zone 4, the most hazardous zone in the United States. 

When you need to account for seismic activity when designing your building systems, you can count on Unistrut Seismic Support Products from Steinco Industrial Solutions.