Stationary vs Portable Container Tilters

Steinco Industrial Solutions is a supplier of Presto Lifts, an industry leader in manufacturing lifts, tilters, and pallet trucks. Presto has stationary and portable lifts available, depending on your exact needs and applications. 

Stationary Tilters

A Stationary Container Tilter from Presto is best suited for dedicated applications in your facility. Its wide fork channels allow for containers to be placed on with merely a hand pallet truck or a forklift. 

The Presto Stationary Container lift has a 4,000-pound capacity and features an 89-degree tilt. This lift includes an internal power unit controlled by a push button hand held controller. A foot control is optional. 

The stationary lift is designed to be securely lagged down to the floor for repeated activity in your workplace. With the compact design, the stationary lift can fit comfortably anywhere throughout your facility. 

Portable Tilters

Presto Portable Tilters are an ideal solution for transporting and lifting containers anywhere they are needed. If your operation requires workers to share lifters between work areas, or pick up containers and return them to staging areas, a portable lift may benefit you. 

The portable lift has similar features to the stationary lift with a 4,000-pound capacity and 89-degree tilt angle. The portable lift also includes an internal motor with a push button hand control. 

But the portable lift comes with a push handle that lowers when not in use, an external tapering battery charger, and a foot operated floor lock. 

Steinco carries several other lift options from Presto. Contact us today to find the right container tilter for your needs.