Storage Makes Sense

Every house and workplace has them. Overflow boxes for those items that never seem to find a home. The problem is, eventually the overflow boxes “overflow” and you have to start another one. It makes a lot more sense for each item to have its own place so when we do need to locate an item, you know where it is. Whether it’s inventory, parts, office supplies or employees’ personal items, everything needs a designated spot!

Cabinets and Shelving from Equipto are your solution, helping you to maximize every square inch of your current space. Equipto offers Modular Drawer Cabinets that allow you to label and organize all your tools and equipment. They’re adjustable and have a weight capacity of 400lbs per drawer.

Equipto V-grip Shelving is another option. Made of strong 18-gauge steel, these shelves allow you to add drawers at will, multiplying your space for categorizing items.

Tough and visually attractive, Equipto Storage Cabinets have 3-point security latches, rounded surfaces, reinforced doors and shelf locks to prevent accidents. Their specialty cabinets allow for safe storage of hazardous or flammable materials.

Equipto also offers freestanding and wall mounted work benches, work centers and mobile aisle units for additional space and easy access.

Stop in at Steinco Industrial Solutions and let our experts help you with your storage needs. Everything needs a designated spot!