Strut Framing Channel Systems

When you use metal framing products from Flex-Strut you can customize any support system in your building interior or exterior with ease. 

Flex-Strut Product Options

Flex-Strut’s strut framing channel system components come in a variety of sizes, gauges, and finishes to help you complete any job. 

Metal strut products from Flex-Strut are available in a plain finish, pre-galvanized, green, aluminum, stainless, or even hot-dipped galvanized. Components can be delivered in a solid fabrication or even include holes, slots, or short slots depending on your needs. 

These components can be sized based on the job and Flex-Strut even offers back-to-back metal strut framing channels. 

Accessories for Strut Framing

In order to accomplish your task, Flex-Strut also manufactures several accessories to make your metal installation project a breeze. 

Components like the three-hole corner and closure strips can ensure the work is complete. Closure strips are available in metal or plastic. 

Uses and Applications of Metal Strut

The metal strut can help install a variety of systems like HVAC, telecommunications, electrical, and more. With Flex-Strut products you can rest assured that your building systems are installed properly with the highest quality, durable strut framing system around. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to see which Flex-Strut framing products and strut options can assist you. We can also help you with your design or installation phases.