Three Necessities for an Organized Workshop

Red bins on a rolling shelving cart

From the first hammer strike to the final tightened bolt, the key to successfully completing any workshop project is a plan and a good sense of organization. At Steinco Industrial Solutions, we’ve made it our duty to create the highest-quality industrial products on the market, and we want to help you stay organized as you develop your own workspace. Here are a few essential pieces of hardware you’ll want in your garage or workshop to keep the clutter down and the productivity up.

Technical Workstations

It’s hard enough to work when your workstation is a makeshift table made of a plank of wood and some boxes. Instead, give yourself the perfect workspace. From Lista Cabinets comes our collection of technical and industrial workstations. These stations not only serve as the perfect sturdy and level working surface for any project, they come assembled with a variety of different cabinet types for storing tools and other essentials. The cabinets also lock, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your gear.

Mobile Cabinets

Some projects are the size of birdhouses – you don’t have to move around much to finish it. But some projects are truck-sized or airplane-sized and require a bit of maneuvering. Take your tools and hardware to every part of your workshop or garage with Lista mobile cabinets. Available with locking drawers for security and large wheels for maximum mobility, a mobile cabinet is a great piece of hardware to have in any garage. They also come in a variety of colors to match your garage.

Storage Systems

Ever had trouble finding the perfect tool for the task you need to complete? It’s happened to everyone at some point. Stay organized with a complete storage system from Equipto. Engineered for strength and durability, these shelves come in a dozen different varieties for storing almost any tool or material. Better yet, everything is modular, so if your workspace changes, you can move and adjust your storage wherever you need it.

Steinco Industrial Solutions is dedicated to help you stay organized, so you can focus on your important work without distraction. Check out our great selection of industrial and framing products or contact us if you have any questions about pricing and availability.