Understanding the Strut Framing Channel System

With metal strut framing systems, you can outfit any type of system throughout your facility. Steinco Industrial Solutions offers high-quality strut channel accessories from Flex-Strut, an industry leader in metal framing systems. 

Flex-Strut metal framing products range in size and use starting with their FS-100 metal strut.

This strut option is a 12-gauge metal strut channel that is 1 5/8” by 3 1/4” in size. It can be fabricated to include holes, knockouts, slots, short slots, or be a solid piece. 

The FS-100, like all of our channel systems, is available in multiple finishes — plain, pre-galvanized, green, aluminum, stainless, or hot-dipped galvanized. 

Flex-Strut channel systems range in size too. Channel systems can vary in height and width at the channel opening in order to best match your specific use for the strut channel. For more advanced solutions, Flex-Strut also carries back-to-back metal strut channels. These channels are welded together for safety and the ability to secure your systems. 

Lastly, Flex-Strut also offers accessories and components to customize and secure your strut channel systems.

For instance, a 3-hole corner piece can be utilized to safely connect two pieces of strut together. Plastic closure strips are also available in order to close any unused sections of a strut or to secure other components in place. 

For more information regarding Flex-Strut’s channel system, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today.