Unistrut Prime Angles

For certain support systems, you may not require additional strength or you may be constructing a system in a space in a difficult space. Enter Unistrut Prime Angle. 

What is Prime Angle?

Prime Angle is a slotted angle metal framing system that features punched holes along the entire length. It requires no drilling, welding, or special tools for assembly. Prime Angle also comes in pre-galvanized and acrylic green finishes. 

Prime Angle from Unistrut differs from the metal framing channel system in that Prime Angle simply includes a single angle design. 

Prime Angle Accessories

In order to properly install and work with Prime Angle, Unistrut also offers several accessories. 

First is the Prime Angle cutter, which can help you easily cut lengths to size on the job site. Unistrut has a portable, heavy-duty, medium, and light-duty models. Cuts are clean, accurate, burr-free, and can be made in a single stroke. 

We also carry Unistrut Gusset Plates, slotted straps, serrated nuts and bolts, and casters. Gusset Plates offer additional strength with their three-hole corner plate design. Slotted straps can also provide added strength and are used to reinforce any section of Prime Angle you may require. 

Unistrut Prime Angle is versatile, economical, and easy to use. This system is easy to change later or disassemble and offers fast construction. 

Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today to see if Unistrut Prime Angle can help you complete the job.