Unistrut Uses – Outstanding Quality, Generations Of Experience

The strength of key components such as frames, surfaces, and structures can make the difference in creating and maintaining a safe industrial installation. Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc., is proud to be your wholesale source for high-quality Unistrut metal framing products, preferred in a wide range of applications for manufacturing, construction, and many other industries that demand powerful, stable, and reliable struts, fittings, planks, channels, framing, and supports.

Unistrut, “the original metal framing system”, has been a trusted partner of professionals in the industrial sector for several generations. One of the most attractive features of their products is the ease with which they can be assembled, adjusted, and disassembled on the work site. No welding or drilling is required. All you need is a wrench.

Unistrut metal framing comes in 1 and 5/8", 1 and 1/4", and 13/16" sizes. Nuts, closures, end caps, electrical fittings, and more are also available. You can choose from a variety of fiberglass framing, channel sections, fittings, plus nuts, bolts, and hardware. Pipe clamps, hanging, and other components provide flexible installation. Unistrut telescoping tubing is both versatile and durable, and building durable, safe structures is a breeze with their powerful interlock plank grating system, available in three surface configurations. Use Roofwalk walkways to keep workers from damaging any type of roofing.


The Right Products, From The Right Source

Any Unistrut product you buy from Steinco Industrial Solutions comes with our added services. With over 30 years of experience serving the industrial market, we can take your projects from initial design through turn-key installation. Because we truly value our customers, we specialize in offering high-quality products that are competitively-priced.

Choose Steinco Industrial Solutions for your next project. To learn more, visit steincoindustrial.com.