Uses for the Lift Stik Narrow Master Lifter

If you are searching for a versatile, sleek, compact lifter Presto Lifts has a lifter design specifically for your needs. 

Meet the Lift Stik Narrow Master Lifter

As a part of the Lift Stik series, the Narrow Master Lifter was designed to be a user-friendly machine for any type of business or facility. 

The Narrow Master Lifter’s features allow for precise loading with zero drift. Plus, due to its mechanical nature there is no hydraulic fluid or other chemicals which can leak throughout your facility. The master lifter was also created with a sleek, attractive look to make it suitable for a wide range of industrial uses, as well as office, laboratory, or other commercial applications. 

Features of the Narrow Master Lifter

The Narrow Master Lifter includes a continuous lifting chain that provides for two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops. Lifting and transporting capacities range to over 400 pounds. Raised heights can reach up to 65 inches. 

The Narrow Master Lifter is easy to use and maneuver in any stock room, testing station, office supply room, electronic assembly area, or computer/server room. It requires minimal effort to move throughout your facility, while granting your workers the ability to lift and transport delicate supplies. 

Presto Lift tables are the best on the market. Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions to learn how the Lift Stik Narrow Master Lifter can benefit you.