Utilize Your Space with EQUIPTO Mobile Aisle Systems

Are you in need of extra storage space, or a method for organizing materials off of your valuable floor space? Does your facility have extra clutter sitting in boxes or cumbersome shelves?


If so, then the EQUIPTO Mobile Aisle System made by Steinco Industrial Solutions is the solution for you.


The EQUIPTO Mobile Aisle System is an easy-to-use option aimed at doubling available space without needing to add onto your square footage. Its modular design makes for easy assembly and reconfiguration, along with minimum ratings of 1,000 lbs. per linear foot.


This mobile aisle system is designed and integrated for EQUIPTO V-Grip Shelving and the platform lends itself to easy re-leveling of rails after installation.


And the EQUIPTO System comes equipped with mechanical-assist controls allowing the operator to move 10,000 lbs. of industrial products or other items with minimal effort. It’s as easy as using the power steering in your vehicle.


The EQUIPTO Mobile Aisle System is designed for countless industries including manufacturing, automotive, education, military, law enforcement, retail, and can also be customized for your specific needs.


Visit our products page for a full specification PDF sheet on the EQUIPTO Mobile Aisle System from Steinco Industrial Solutions.