The Versatility of the V-Grip Upright Post

Shelving is essential to any work site, company, or even the personal storage space. For many people assembling long term shelving can be an overwhelming decision experience. V-Grip shelves allow the first installation to lead to long-term assurance in the quality of the shelving. The most unique aspect of Equipto V-Grip Shelving is that a double-flanged upright will prevent two shelves from adjoining. This prevents a single flange from being damaged by enduring too much pressure. In addition to this, shelving adjusts instantly on 1.5-inch centers without disturbing the other shelving.

V-Grip shelves are built utilizing 18-guage steel and have all sides secured by double flanges, allowing maximum strength and durability. The V-Grip upright post allows for a great variety of shelving options. Often shelving is limited to one type of shelf due to rigid design of the products. Because the upright post is part of Equipto V-Grip shelving, wide variety of shelving is possible. From heavy-duty steel shelving, to wire partitions and cages, the V-grip upright post can hold whatever shelving you may need. The next time you are looking for shelving with variety, Equipto shelving with the V-Grip upright post is the support you need.