Ways to Expand and Organize a Storage Room

As your company grows, finding a way to expand and better organize your storage room is a top concern for many managers. After all, the last thing you need is for your expansion efforts to fall flat because the area where you store vital supplies and equipment has become a cluttered mess. With Equipto V-Grip Shelving, however, improving your storage area is easier than ever!


Equipto V-Grip Shelving can be customized to feature cabinets, drawers, or heavy duty steel shelves to better match your company’s unique storage needs. By installing shelving that is perfectly equipped to store your items, it becomes significantly easier to keep parts and equipment organized. With each shelf boasting over 1100 pounds of load capacity, you can also increase the amount of equipment stored in each unit.


Equipto V-Grip Shelving can also be installed as part of a Mobile Aisle System to further expand your storage capacity. This type of installation allows you to replace aisle areas with additional storage units, while also making it easier to transfer equipment to and from the storage area. With open-style drive columns and a non-grout track system, it’s easy to see where items are stored and safely move the shelving to access needed parts.


Installing Equipto V-Grip Shelving is the easiest way to increase your company’s storage capacity and become better organized. You can literally double your storage room’s capacity, while simultaneously creating a more efficient workspace for your employees.