What are the Benefits of the Unistrut Prime Angle

Many industrial facilities rely on Unistrut Metal Framing for a wide variety of designs and installations. After all, bypassing the time and effort that goes into welding, cutting, and fabricating with standard structural steel can make it that much easier to improve your facility. And for metal framing projects with light or medium load ratings, the metal strut Prime Angle serves as a highly versatile solution.

What makes Prime Angle so useful? Like other Unistrut Metal Framing Products, this slotted angle metal comes prepared with holes punched throughout the metal strut. This eliminates the need for any special tools—or even drilling or welding. In fact, the convenient placement of slots in a Prime Angle Strut means that your entire metal framing project can be completed using only a wrench and some screws.

But what really makes the Prime Angle stand out is its design. Essentially looking like two thin lengths of metal joined at a 90 degree angle, the versatility of a Prime Angle Metal Strut enables facilities to quickly and easily deal with design challenges that would otherwise prove to be a major hassle. While not necessarily suitable for supporting heavy loads, the length flexibility and convenient design of the Unistrut Prime Angle makes it perfect for projects like shelving or partition construction where a standard metal framing product simply wouldn’t fit.