What are the Different Types of Container Tilters from Presto?

Pneumatic: Pneumatic Tilters are ideal for locations that can use shop air. They don’t use electricity of hydraulic fluid, reducing the risk of various maintenance issues, and can be equipped with several optional features, such as foot control, a floor stand, and even a motion stabilizer.

Fixed Height Tilters: These Hydraulic Tilters are usually mounted on workbenches or legs to help shift heavy containers or loads with unusual dimensions. These tilters are hand controlled, and can achieve up to a 60-degree tilt.

Portable: Easily transported, Presto Portable Tilters are ideal for areas where a tilter needs to be shared by multiple employees or facility areas. Both straddle and non-straddle models are available, allowing these tilters to move everything from containers and pallets to baskets and skids.

Floor Level: Floor Level Hydraulic Tilters are ideal for receiving loads from hand pallet trucks. Their “pan” design enables them to carry a wide variety of wire baskets and other containers while achieving a 45-degree tilt.

Stationary: Stationary Hydraulic Tilters use a wide fork design to facilitate easy loading with a forklift or hand pallet truck. A highly economical choice for dedicated work spaces, these tilters from Steinco Industrial are a popular choice at many facilities.