What are ICB Blast Panels?

There are a wide range of industrial products used to improve worker safety and protect valuable equipment these days, from handrails and guardrails to secured storage solutions. But in some industries, that’s not enough. Whether you work at a military or government installation or in a warehouse that deals with highly flammable materials, ICB Blast Panels can serve as a vital metal installation that offers superior protection.

ICB Blast Panels were first introduced in 2009 as a powerful method of protecting individuals from blast threats and ballistics—particularly those working in areas under threat of terrorist attacks. This flame-resistant product underwent extensive testing—including against armor-piercing rounds—to ensure a reliable form of protection for workers and equipment alike.

This strong metal installation is highly versatile, and can be applied to retrofitted structures, as well as new construction projects and modular structures. Perhaps most importantly, the installation of ICB Blast Panels can be customized based on several factors to provide the ultimate in protection. Elements such as standoff distances, threat level, and more are taken into consideration with each project.

Whether you need to contain a high-risk area of your facility or need to provide additional protection in a hostile environment, ICB Blast Panels will get the job done and Steinco Industrial Solutions can help.