What is a Flat-Pak Collapsible Building?

Modular building products have become increasingly popular in construction and other industries where moving from one site to another is a common occurrence. Whether you need a short-term versatile technical workstation or a secured storage area, these easy-to-assemble buildings are now a common sight at many industrial sites. And as the technology behind these industrial products continues to advance, new developments like the Flat-Pak Collapsible Building have made modular building more convenient than ever.

What sets Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings apart from other modular building products is their ability to be quickly collapsed into easily-transported stacks. By collapsing into a flat stack, several Flat-Pak industrial products can be transported in a single container—or even in the back of a flatbed truck. When delivered to a new location, these modular buildings can then be erected and locked into their stable, upright position in a short period of time.

The convenient transportation, storage, and setup associated with Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings has made them a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from secured storage to emergency temporary housing. These user-friendly buildings allow construction companies and others to be more efficient than ever in setting up and taking down their worksites. If you are interested in learning more or wanting to use a Flat-Pak Collapsible Building, contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today.