What Pallet Truck Will Meet Your Needs?

Depending on the industry you work within, your needs from your pallet truck can vary. Do you need a hand pallet truck capable of hauling a heavy-duty load of industrial products? Or do you need something more economical, yet durable?

The options are wide.

With a line of Rol-Lift hand pallet trucks, and the Presto hand pallet truck available, each model serves a different purpose.

The Presto Lifts hand pallet truck is an economical, ergonomical and durable model capable of hauling 5,500 pounds with ease. The Presto Lifts hand pallet truck is a versatile model suited for practically every environment.

Should you find yourself in an environment with corrosive materials, excessive cold, or high humidity take a closer look at the Rol-Lift® stainless steel and zinc hand pallet trucks.

The stainless-steel model is perfect for corrosive conditions and preferred if in freezers, food processing, or pharmaceutical environments.

The Rol-Lift® zinc hand pallet truck works well in high humidity and hot shower wash downs, due to its zinc-coated frame.

And if you are looking for extra capacity, coupled with heavy duty steer wheels that roll easily, look no further than the Rol-Lift® Super Duty and Heavy-Duty models. 

The Rol-Lift® Super Duty hand pallet truck has a 6,500-pound load capacity. With its reinforced steel, this hand pallet truck is still easy to use.

The Heavy-Duty model (a 5,500-pound capacity) also comes with reinforced steel and extra duty wheels to allow for easy movement.

Whatever you need from your hand pallet truck, we’ve got a model to help you out.