What is a Starrspace 3500 Portable Partition Wall System?

When you work in an industrial setting (be it a factory or an automotive shop), setting up a usable, durable office space is sometimes easier said than done. But by using Starrco Office Systems, many facilities have been able to get better results for their business—especially when using a Starrspace 3500 Portable Partition Wall System.


What makes these industrial products so great for modular offices? First and foremost is their flexibility. Easy to install—no sanding, painting, or cutting is required—you’ll be able to set up and start using your Starrspace 3500 Portable Partition Wall System in no time. Better yet, the wall partitions can be relocated with ease should you ever need to expand or adjust the layout of your office area. These wall systems are available in heights ranging from eight to twelve feet, allowing them to serve a wide variety of functions in your work environment.


Starrspace 3500 Portable Partition Wall Systems are also highly durable and practical. Using a density-expanded polystyrene core, these three-inch thick walls are tough enough for any industrial environment, while also adding great insulation value to your office. Wire studs simplify the installation of electrical wiring for your tech needs.


With a variety of finishes and construction materials available, these Starrco Office Systems are the perfect solution for your company’s office areas. Call Steinco Industrial Solutions today and start getting your Starrspace System set up!