What is Unistrut?

Did you ever play with an Erector Set as a child? This fun engineering toy allows children to create with seemingly endless possibilities, all thanks to the toy’s slotted metal beams that could be assembled in a wide range of designs. You may not have much use for an Erector Set now; but for construction professionals looking to become more efficient in their work, Unistrut Metal Framing Products offer the same ease of use for an impressive range of applications.

These high-quality metal struts speed up the construction process by eliminating the need for welding and drilling. Struts are easily put together and adjusted, thanks to a continuous slotted channel used for metal framing. Simply by tightening the bolt into the channel, you can create a strong, secure connection that will provide the results you need. These channels and struts can be used for projects ranging from ceiling support grids to solar panel support systems and rooftop walkways.

Unistrut isn’t exclusively limited to metal struts. For example, Unistrut Interlock Grating Products can be used to create walkways or storage shelves. Much like Unistrut Metal Framing Products; these multi-use planks are designed to minimize the need for welding, allowing you to complete your tasks quickly and more effectively so you can get superior results for your projects.