What is the V-Grip Versarack?

The V-Grip Versarack is comprised of shelf beams made especially for Equipto V-Grip Shelving. The Versarack has the option for particleboard, wire, or heavy duty steel shelves. The Versarack is quick and easy to assembly and utilizes the V-grip design so that the load is evenly distributed while presenting a smooth outer surface. The interchangeable shelving options guarantees the type of secured storage that you may need, regardless of the items. The wiring shelving is ideal for storage that requires airflow while the steel deck’s strength means that it can support the heaviest of items. The variety makes it ideal for records, large parts, and of course any other type of general storage that you might need.

There are wire partitions and cages available as well so the storage options truly are endless. Perhaps one of the most annoying parts of normal storage units are the bulky and unsightly design. The sleek and slim design of the Versarack allows for placement in hallways and the smallest of storage areas without impeding traffic flow or overtaking the area. It is trim enough to double stack in hallways without obstructing or hindering the walkway, yet never compromising on the strength or capacity of the unit.