WireCrafters’ Bike Stacker: A Quintessential Guide

Riding a bike may be a cost-effective way to get around town, but having several bikes around your house or office can also be an eye-sore. Bikes need to be stored properly to keep them safe and out of the way, but there aren't many good bike storage solutions out there. Fortunately, the WireCrafters' Bike Stacker is a smart way to organize your bikes. Here's what you need to know about this product:

  • The Bike Stacker is efficient. Storing several bikes can be a considerable challenge, but this product is designed to have space for each bike to be stored properly. You can also choose from different rack sizes to store between 8 and 14 bikes. It can also hold different bike sizes except for tandem bikes, so you have the option to store both bigger and smaller bikes. The Bike Stacker is made using only the best materials, so you can guarantee that it will last for a long time.
  • The Bike Stacker is space-saving. Although you could find other bike racks on the market, they tend to take up more space than you would want to. But the Bike Stacker is different because it's double-tiered to hold more bikes without taking up too much space. So, if you're working with a small space in your garage or office parking area, the Bike Stacker will still allow you to store many bikes without eating up a lot of square footage.
  • The Bike Stacker keeps everything organized. The WireCrafters’ Bike Stacker is designed to hold each bike safely and make sure that each bike has enough clearance in between to avoid making the rack look cluttered and damage the bikes and the rack. You also don’t need to worry about the bikes falling because each bike has a designated tear-shaped tire slot that’s created by WireCrafters. Bike owners also have the option to lock their bikes in place to the steel bike tray to keep them safe while they're away.
  • The Bike Stacker is durable. WireCrafters is known for the durability of its products. The Bike Stacker is made of 1/8" thick steel, and each component is precision laser cut and formed to hold each bike properly. Installing the Bike Stacker is also very easy because you already have pre-drilled holes and just need to follow the instructions to put everything together. The cable is also vinyl coated, with a vinyl sleeve on the hanger to protect the bike from scuffing and scratching while being stored or removed from the rack.

Indeed, the WireCrafters’ Bike Stacker is an innovative product that offers an efficient and organized way to store bikes safely in your house, condominium building, or commercial space. Investing in one will surely bring more convenience because you don't need to look at cluttered and unorganized bikes constantly. Plus, this Bike Stacker is guaranteed to be durable, so you know that you're getting good value for your investment every time. Contact Steinco Industrial Solutions today, and let us supply you with the best storage solutions.