WireCrafters – Woven Wire Partitions

Evidence Storage Enclosures, Wire Security Enclosures, Property Rooms

Do you need to protect your employees, secure inventory, store items, etc?  Then let Steinco Industrial Solution, Inc. provide you with cost effective and attractive options from service windows, vertical rise gates, tool cribs, physical barriers, pallet rack backstops to storage lockers. WireCrafters are the very best in Woven Wire Partitions. WireCrafters manufactures a revolutionary style of wire partition. Style 840 is based on the simple idea that 4’ or 5’ high panels stacked one on top of the other between tubular posts to reach the finished partition height. This all welded, modular, stackable systems have benefits unequaled in the industry.

Let Steinco Industrial Solutions, Inc. show you the benefits of WireCrafters 840 Woven Wire Partitions. Contact us at 419-606-8512 or visit us at www.steincoindustrial.com . We will work with you to meet your needs with “Solutions you can trust”.