Work Centers with Options

A great work bench can help employees organize and secure belongings they require to optimize their performance. Productivity gains and efficiency can also be gained with an up to date, durable work bench. 

Equipto Work Benches 

Equipto has designed and manufactured quality work benches and work stations for a variety of businesses. Their rugged benches can help you and your workers maximize available space and streamline your production process. 

You can select from a wide catalog of wall mounted or stand alone benches which can be configured with multiple accessories. Select from benches with or without drawers, cabinets, mobile units, and countless other options. 

Features of an Equipto Work Bench

Each Equipto work bench can organize any work space. Tools and storage can be combined into one dedicated space with ergonomic designs in endless sizes or styles. 

Electrical, fluid, and air supplies can be designed into each work bench for convenience along with any other requirement for your workers. Tops and drawers are built to hold heavy loads of tools or other work related items and can incorporate secured storage options. 

Work benches and stations can also include a wood, steel, stainless steel, laminate, or anti-static ESD table tops, depending on project requirements. 

Equipto is an industry leading manufacturer of work benches for automotive, educational, health care, manufacturing, office spaces, or other markets. 

Contact Steinco Industrial today to learn more about which Equipto work bench can benefit your business or check out the online brochure for their full line of products.