Is your work place properly equipped with Handrails and Guardrails?

Moving equipment inside a warehouse can be one of the most dangerous situations for employees. Sometimes, flashing lights and back-up sounds aren’t enough of a warning. This is where, Guard Rails by WireCrafters comes in. Guard Rails are designed to protect personnel and property from moving equipment and other hazards

Available at Steinco Industries, Guard Rails are perfect for creating a buffer zone between your employees and potentially dangerous situations. This protective barrier is made to withstand impact of a 10,000 lb. load at 4 mph. It’s quickly bolted together and comes in single or double rail.

In addition to moving equipment, mezzanines and platforms can be dangerous as well. WireCrafters offers an industrial Hand Rail System that will ensure people on top and below stay safe. This steel railing safety system includes the option to add a four-inch kick plate to the bottom to protect those below from falling objects. Their MezzaRail Handrail Systems include mesh netting for further safety.

Take a walk around your workplace and look at it with fresh eyes. Are there walkways that are not protected by handrails? Are there windows and wall opening in new construction areas that could be a hazard? Does your work area have platforms and stairways that could be vulnerable areas? Guardrails and handrails are part of a comprehensive plan to prevent falls and keep workers and observers safe from serious injuries or even death.