Ballistic and Blast Rated Guard Shacks

Ebtech Industrial is a highly respected designer and manufacturer of standard and custom prefabricated security structures that have been carefully constructed to resist blast, ballistic, and high-speed fragment threats.

  • Ballistic mitigation designs conform to UL752, STANAG 4569, NIJ 0108-01, and EN 1063 requirements (ranging from 9mm handguns to .50 caliber APM2).
  • Structures include guard booths, guard houses, guard towers, security booths, gatehouses, mobile solutions, and guard enclosures.
  • Blast and High-Speed Fragment mitigation designs conform to GSA / UFC-4-010-01 requirements; they also address threats from PBIED, VBIED, rockets, and mortars.
  • Customization Capabilities include other Ebtech Industrial building components, fire proofing (>2000 ºF) and RF shielding or providing prewired electrical and data, optimizing insulation, self-contained generators, built-in restrooms, forkliftable base, and other application-specific solutions.
  • Turnkey Solutions that range from design, manufacturing, and installation to certification of completed structures include glazing solutions with operable and fixed windows, sliding or swing doors with a wide array of hardware, gun ports, shrouded or roof-mounted HVAC systems, and pass-through compartments.
  • Material Selections include Mil-Tough ICB blast and ballistic panels, anodized aluminum, armored steel, as well as composite materials that can provide combined blast, ballistic, forced entry, and high-speed fragment protection in any combination.