Flat-Pak Collapsible Buildings

Ebtech is an exclusive U.S. provider of Flat-Pak technology to their clients!

Ebtech brings a unique spin to the modular building industry by offering rapidly deployable, reusable containerized Flat-Pak buildings that collapse for easy transport and storage. Because of the Flat-Pak collapsible design features, these buildings are useful for applications far beyond low cost or temporary housing, such as emergency response situations, barracks, construction management, and any other use where portable permanent facilities are required.

In the flat configuration, Ebtech buildings are specially designed to be transported in large numbers on a single flat bed truck, by rail-car, or in volume by ship. They can be stacked and locked together side by side or on top of one another for maximizing storage space and reducing storage costs. Once transported to the site in the flat configuration, Flat-Pak buildings can be erected into their upright and locked position in a short time.