Modular Clean Rooms

Modular Clean Rooms & Cleanroom Wall Systems

A lot of industries deal with the handling of sensitive materials that can be easily compromised by the presence of contaminants, even in very tiny amounts. For that reason, many companies depend on clean rooms for certain vital functions. These rooms work by minimizing the concentration of environmental pollutants in the area, including microbes, dust particles, and vapors, in order to prevent contamination of materials. You can find clean rooms in a wide range of industries, from the pharmaceutical business to the semiconductor sector. For high-quality clean rooms that will perform dependably, choose Starrco.

Starrco’s modular clean rooms have become the industry leader in cleanroom wall systems that are pre-engineered buildings and tailored specifically for your application. These products provide the most cost-effective cleanroom environments available on the market today, and they’re capable of accommodating anything from a sound or equipment enclosure to pharmaceutical applications. The interfacing cleanroom floors, walls, ceilings, and mechanical components work in conjunction to maintain a contaminant-free environment, enabling a high degree of control over air flow, pressure, humidity, temperature, and filtration. Since all material is pre-cut, mitered, and completely finished, installation can be completed quickly—with minimal mess, dust, and disruption to normal office routines.