Modular Panel Assembly Systems

Cam-Lock System
Extruded Aluminum Track Systems

Ebtech has developed different assembly/fastening systems designed to work with the unique characteristics of the sandwich panel compositions and your application. Whether your project calls for economy, rapid deployment, planned expansion, retrofitting existing structures, or permanent construction, Ebtech’s assembly systems are designed to work for you, not the other way around.

Versatile Spline System
The preferred method for EB-EPS-S panel connections is the use of plywood keysplines or dimensional lumber splines for additional load-bearing support if required. This method is easy to install and maintains insulation through the joint.

For EB-HC Composite Core assembly the splines are made out of lightweight, reinforced thermal plastic material.

Spline-assembled structures can be configured for temporary use/reassembly or permanent construction.

Cam-Lock System
The Cam-Lock panel fastening systems save substantially on installation time as compared to conventional stud wall construction. Cam-Locks achieve a uniform positive seal between panels, helping to eliminate moisture and air infiltration.

Cam-Locks, in conjunction with the tongue and groove foam core profile, create an exceptionally strong, superior building envelope.

Extruded Aluminum Track Systems
The EB-200 & EB-300 extruded aluminum track systems are extremely versatile, and surfaced with a scratch-resistant Polychrome III coating. Windows, Doors, HVAC and Electrical Packages can all be designed to meet custom project specs.

The EB-300 system is an interior/exterior grade non-progressive wall system, allowing for maximum expansion capabilities at any time in the future.