P3754 - Concrete Inserts-Heavy Duty

Closure strip P3712 P and a styrene bead end cap that fits inside the channel to inhibit concrete seepage are included.

The recommended design load when used for curtain wall anchorage is 5,000 pounds and is based on use in average, good concrete. The design load includes 1â/3 increase in load as permitted by AISI Specifications and Uniform Building Code when stresses are produced by wind or earthquake and other loads.

The recommended design load is based on using two P1010 nuts at no less than 3" O.C. and no closer than 2" to either end of the insert. The distance between the insert centerline and the concrete edge must be a minimum of 3".

All nuts and fittings for P3200 series concrete inserts will fit.

Material: Cold formed from 12 Ga. (2.7mm) steel conforming to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33 or ASTM A653 GR 33 A. Stainless steel available on special order.

Finish: Choice of Perma-Green II (GR), hot-dipped galvanized (HG) conforming to ASTM A123 or A153, pre-galvanized (PG) conforming to ASTM A653-G90, or plain (PL).

Safety factor - 3


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