Pallet Rack Enclosures

Secure inventory and the contents of existing pallet racks with WireCrafters' Pallet Rack Enclosures. Security officers and loss prevention specialists prefer WireCrafters Style 840 Partitions for securing valuable items in bulk storage or on pallet racks. Existing facility pallet racks can be completely enclosed with standard wire mesh panels and doors to secure and control high value inventory. Modular sized wire mesh panels are quick to install and are inherently stronger than competing pallet rack enclosing systems.

WireCrafters' Pallet Rack Enclosures will control access to inventory and help prevent theft of your high value inventory items. A complete pallet rack enclosure consists of wire mesh panels on the back, ends, and top of the rack, with access doors on the front side.


  • Standard sized panels 4' 0" or 5' 0" high, match beam length in width.
  • Panels made of 2" x 2" x 10 gauge welded wire mesh-other meshes available.
  • Panels are framed in 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 13 gauge steel angle.
  • Panels attach directly to rack with mounting brackets.
  • Multiple mounting points (seven) on ends of each panel.
  • Stack panels one on top of the other to top of rack system.
  • Access racks via double sliding doors, or double hinged doors.
  • "Above the Top" mounting allows panels to extend above top rack beam.
  • Welded wire construction allows for factory finished looking field modifications.
  • Panels can be mounted to support posts if stand alone system desired.