Standard Modular Storage Drawer Cabinets

SC Series: Standard Width Counter Height (41-3/4")
SC Series: Standard Width Eye Level Height (59-1/2")
HS Series: HS Width/Counter Height (41-3/4")
HS Series: HS Width Eye Level Height (59-1/2")

Keeping tools and parts properly organized is one of those seemingly simple tasks that in practice tend to be anything but. Workmen often misplace tools, which wastes time and reduces productivity. Sometimes, valuable equipment is stolen from the site. To prevent problems like these, it’s best to have high-quality storage cabinets where valuable materials can be securely deposited when not in use. Storage Drawer Cabinets from LISTA fit the bill perfectly.

Secure yet convenient to access, these modular cabinets can hold a wide variety of tools, large and small, in a space that permits easy organization of materials. Their sturdy drawers, which can be fully extended, allow even heavy objects to rest safe and sound. Finally, these units can be locked tightly to keep out unauthorized personnel. 

Product Name: Storage Drawer Cabinets
Choice of Three Colors: Classic Blue (CB), Bright Blue (BB), Light Gray (LG)

  • Secure, durable cabinet
  • Provides years of safe, easily accessible high-density storage and problem-free operation

Typical applications:

  • Tooling, hardware, parts storage, gauges, MRO supplies, machine parts, precision tools,
  • Suitable for storing items ranging from medium to large size.
  • Includes lock and two keys
  • Includes fork truck base
  • All drawers have 100% extension with 440-pound weight capacity