Woven & Welded Wire Guarding Systems

WireCrafters offers both woven and welded wire machine guarding and perimeter guarding systems to protect and separate property, equipment, and personnel. By the nature of its woven wire or welded wire design, WireCrafters guarding systems provide an unparalleled level of safety and security.


  • 4 Standard heights – 6’-2”H w/ 1’ sweep, 8’-5 ¼”, 10’-5 ¼” & 12’-5 ¼” w/ 3 ¼” sweep.
  • Custom size panels and special heights available.
  • Fully framed panel adds strength and stability unequaled in the industry.
  • Hinged, double hinged, sliding and vertical rise gates available.
  • Angle frame design gives installer clear access to hardware, speeding installation.
  • Assembly hardware is inaccessible from the secured side of the guarding.
  • All hardware including anchors included.
  • Standard 3/8” mounting hardware is the heaviest in the industry.
  • Panels may be ordered in alternate woven and welded mesh options, expanded metal, sheet metal, or clear Lexan.
  • Safety Interlocks available with mounting plates.