Unistrut Unipier Supports: The Perfect Rooftop Support System

Rooftop installations can be tricky because you need to consider many things to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. This is why you need to plan everything well and ensure you have all the tools you need for your project. One of these is an efficient rooftop support system. The Unistrut Unipier support is a popular choice among contractors, engineers, and project managers.

What is the Unistrut Unipier support system?

Known as the original strut system, the Unistrut framing is a revolutionary system that offers a more efficient alternative to traditional support methods while allowing you to save both time and money during your project. Instead of spending a lot of time and resources on drilling, welding, and putting together your support, the Unistrut system can easily be installed, adjusted, and demounted to fit your needs. You can even re-use it for future projects saving you more money and adding value to your investment.

The Unipier rooftop support system is specially designed to support and manage tubing, piping, HVAC systems, conduits, and other materials. With this system in place, you get to keep parts off the surface while ensuring that there will be no roof surface penetration.

What makes the Unistrut Unipier support system unique?

Unlike traditional rooftop support systems, Unistrut products are known for being uniquely designed to fit various applications. For instance, the original metal framing doesn't need any welding or drilling to be installed, so you can put it together in half the time it takes to build a traditional support system.

With this system, you also get the TELESPAR® and TELESTRUT® telescoping tubing. The TELESPAR® tubing is a four-sided perforated tubing with holes on all four sides to make it easier to align, adjust and assemble your UniStrut framing and make any changes whenever you see fit. The TELESTRUT® telescopic tubing, on the other hand, is the only system to offer both incremental and infinite adjustability. It even features five connection methods, including a boltless universal rivet that helps to make assembly time faster than traditional support systems.

The Unistrut Unipier rooftop sleeper support system is also the first of its kind in the market to be created white so that it reflects the sun's ultraviolet rays away from your roof. It's also durable enough to support heavy piping or a catwalk used during a project. And the best part is that these sleeper systems are not only very durable and lightweight but also very cost-effective, so you don't need to spend a massive amount of your budget on support. And since the entire Unistrut Unipier rooftop support system is off the surface, it provides the perfect elevated support base to fit your exact strut needs.

So, if you’re looking for a revolutionary rooftop support system that will offer the best value for your investment, check out the Unistrut Unipier rooftop support system in Steinco Industrial Solutions. Contact us today!