What Are the Uses of ICB Blast Panels?

Understanding Their Benefits and Uses

Safety hazards are everywhere and especially in high-risk areas where workers are exposed to different threats that could cause death if not mitigated right away. But when you’re working in the military or you’re in a construction site dealing with flammables, the threat goes up a notch, which is why safety measures should also be upgraded. This is where ICB Blast Panels come in.

What are ICB Blast Panels?

Since 2009, ICB Blast Panels have been used as an effective tool for protecting individuals against ballistics and blast threats. Considered the best in the market when it comes to deterring blasts, this flame-resistant product has been tested extensively against fire and armor-piercing bullets to ensure the highest protection to equipment and personnel.

This strong metal installation is touted for its versatility since it can be used for new construction projects or retrofitted in existing structures that need extra protection against different security threats, especially those in areas where there are lot of risks against terrorist attacks. This is why ICB Blast Panels have been used in hostile work environments and military zones, because of their efficiency in offering a higher level of protection from different security threats.

What are the benefits of using them?

For many years, ICB Blast Panels have provided a reliable source of blast and ballistic protection for different industries around the world. Used in new construction, retrofits and modular structures, these precast, reinforced panels have exceeded GSA blast performance and other standards while being convenient enough to install since they are thinner and lighter.

Some of the key benefits of using ICB Blast Panels include:

  • These panels are highly flame resistant, making them perfect for protecting employees in highly flammable areas that could pose a risk to their safety.
  • Having these panels mean that you have a reliable threat protection for both your assets and personnel. Even the military trusts the efficiency of ICB Blast Panels since they’ve been tested against some of the toughest ballistics on the market today.
  • There’s no need to add steel reinforcement to these panels since the base material is already proven strong and the panels composite material and coating multipliers completely eliminates the need to reinforce them with steel. This helps you save money and cut down the time it takes to install these ICB Blast Panels, so you could have that extra layer of protection.
  • These panels are made from 100% inorganic and green material that can be replaced whenever you need to.

Where can they be used?

ICB Blast Panels have been used in a wide variety of applications and industries over the last few years. Aside from the construction and real estate sectors, these high-quality protective panels can also be used for private properties with security threats, to provide additional protection in a hostile environment, and in military installations where personnel need to be protected against friendly fire and real ballistics.

So, if you’re looking for a material that guarantees the highest level of protection against flames and ballistics, make sure that you look into ICB Blast Panels and for sure, you’ll never regret your choice. Don’t forget to contact Steinco Industrial Solutions if you need more information or need us to help you get started with ICB Blast Panels.