Strut Channels: What Are They Used For?

If you have a new industrial facility, it would be highly possible for you to have some metal installation projects on the way. Now, it would be difficult to complete these projects without unistrut channel systems to suspend, support, and mount metallic structures. And, when you could, it would need drilling, welding, or using specialized tools, which will add more time to your project.

Unistrut fittings are ideal for industrial settings because they are fast, reliable, and cost-effective. So, what are the most common unistrut uses?

Electrical Wire Hangers

Industrial structures require a lot of electrical wiring, and unistrut channels are the perfect solution to run cables through walls, ceilings, and floors. With these systems, you can easily route wires without having to break open drywall or concrete walls. This allows you to save money on building alterations.

Another reason why strut framings make for great electrical wire hangers is that they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. So, if you need to hang a lot of different wires, these components help you do it neatly and easily.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Strut framing channel systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of HVAC systems. That is why they are used by most air-conditioning technicians today for major industrial installations.

These unistrut channel systems are usually fitted with special brackets that can support even the heaviest air conditioners. They also provide plenty of flexibility to adjust the height and angle of air vents, making them a great addition to all kinds of HVAC projects.

Piping Installations

Unistrut channel systems are also used to support pipes in buildings. They make hanging pipes off the ground easier while providing plenty of flexibility to adjust them as needed.

Plus, these framing components are usually very strong, so they can easily carry heavy loads without breaking or buckling.

Telecommunication Systems

Telecommunication systems also need some hardware to be installed to function properly. Unistrut channel systems provide a great way to mount and suspend these components, as they can handle the weight of the equipment without any problem.

Unistrut fittings are also made from corrosion-resistant materials, which makes them ideal for installing telecommunication systems in outdoor or high-humidity settings.

Suspended Walkways and Ceilings

Safety is a major concern for these areas, and unistrut channel systems can provide excellent stability to ensure these structures stay secure and don't collapse. And, due to their lightweight, these fittings will not add too much weight to these structures.

While these are the most common unistrut uses, there are still other lesser-known uses for these components. For example, they are also utilized to build military lockers and modular office partitions. As long as there's a need for metal installation, strut channels and fittings will always come in handy.

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