Flex Strut

Understanding the Strut Framing Channel System

With metal strut framing systems, you can outfit any type of system throughout your facility. Steinco Industrial Solutions offers high-quality strut channel accessories from Flex-Strut, an industry leader in metal framing systems. 

Flex-Strut metal framing products range in size and use starting with their FS-100 metal strut. This strut option is a 12-gauge metal strut channel that is 1 5/8” by 3 1/4” in size. It can be fabricated to include holes, knockouts, slots, short slots, or be a solid piece. 

Feature: Flex-Strut Flex-Wrap

If you need to eliminate contact between pipes or conduit and clamping systems that hold them in place, consider Flex-Wrap Cushion Strip from Flex-Strut. 

Flex-Strut is an industry leader in metal strut channel framing systems and accessories with more than 25 years of experience. Their industrial products can be used to secure any system throughout your building.